Wire Grid Type NGR

Neutral grounding resistors, as the name suggests, the role of this system is to limit the fault current to neutral value sufficient to operate protective relays. It is widely used in industries and power generation plants. Wire Grid Type NGR is designed by arranging multiple wires together in a zig-zag patterned web structure. This type of NGR is essential in all areas where high flow of current is required. The main features of this type of resistors are:

1. It works well with dynamic braking resistors.
2. Helpful in loading resistors.
3. It can also be combined with neutral grounding resistors.
4. Capable of running for long service period.
5. Heat resistance and anti-corrosive coating

High performance
The wire grid type NGR offered by is globally accepted and acclaimed for higher quality standards, and durability. We are also capable of adding some optional features in the resistor on client's demand.