Side Cubicle Resistor

National Resistors brings to the market Neutral Side and Phase Side Cubicles for resistors. These metal enclosed and open cubicles are designed to protect resistors. Made from stainless steel, these are available in different models, working models, earthing methods, and sizes. The buyers can select the right cubicle by going through attributes, like wind speed, IP degree, peak ambient air temperature, minimum temperature and maximum relative humidity. The side cubicle resistors are suitable for both, indoor and outdoor applications. These cubicles can be designed and painted as per the requirements of clients. The standard and custom cubicles are timely processed and delivered at clients locations and the people behind this excellent service have rich experience and skills. If you are looking for reliable, dependable and affordable side cubicle resistor, then send us your inquiry. We will respond immediately and help you find the right cubicle for your application.