Stainless Steel Grid Type NER

Collaborative techniques and technologies are used by us to fabricate avant-garde Stainless Steel Grid Type NER. This unique and high performance product is used for starting as well as controlling AC/ DC motors. It's grids are made using stainless steel grades AISI-304/AISI-410. Also, arc welding is done to make the connection betwixt adjoining grids. Adding on, Stainless Steel Grid Type NER  have following rate of temperature coefficient of resistance, which is 0.094%/ 0c for AISI-304 AND 0.15% / 0c for AISI-410. The space between the grid elements is filled with Galvanized mild steel washers. It is also insulated from grids; for which mica washers are used. We have announced and implement a set of policies which are aimed to elevate the quality and performance standards of our products. A number of sources are also developed to counter any form of fallout during any stage of the product manufacturing.